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America First Unisex
Jersey T-Shirt Made in USA   

Sabrina Ortiz — 3 hours 17 minutes ago

When it comes to choosing clothes, do you prefer American or foreign manufacturers? With the development of modern technology and the introduction of platforms that connect customers and overseas manufacturers, this question has become increasingly common. Of course, both options have their pros and cons.

But American clothing manufacturers like Pop Grape are getting more and more popularity. On the example of our American first jersey T-shirt made in the USA, we will show you what makes American clothes a much better choice. These are the 6 top benefits you will get.

Ordering our T-shirt or any other item from our catalogue, you will see that the quality of the materials and prints is superior. Any clothing we offer will serve you for long years.

Regardless of the goods you order, when you make a decision in favor of overseas manufacturers, there is usually a high minimum order quantity. So, if you want to ship a small quantity, the shipping cost will be high and most likely included in the price.

When your clothing is ordered from abroad, it takes a lot of time to ship your order to the United States, the timeline becomes much longer.

The problem is that foreign manufacturers are notorious for skimping on quality control. A loose thread in your T-shirt and they may overlook it, which is impossible with us.

If you have ever dealt with oversea manufacturers, you know that communication can cause a delay in manufacturing. The drastic difference in time-zones makes it difficult to coordinate on orders.

We are proud to claim that our range of T-shirts is the most impressive you can find.

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  • It is easy to wear
  • It is comfortable
  • It is affordable
  • It shows your attitude
  • It is good for many activities
  • It saves your time

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  • Zachary Howell
    13 Jan 2022

    Why am I not surprised? This shirt is so me. It’s bright, eye-catching and perfect for any occasion – especially when you want to make a statement without actually saying anything!

  • Adam Black
    12 Jan 2022

    love it

  • Nathan Pearson
    5 Jan 2022

    The products from Pop Grape are of great quality and their fast delivery really makes me happy. I’m sure that they will be my go-to for all future fashion purchases! I mean anything to support our fellow American workers lord knows were all going through it rn and if I’m going to buy stuff I’m going try make every cent count

  • Charles Green
    4 Jan 2022

    My mom got this for me as a joke, but now I’m stuck with it. cant say I’m complaining though I’m loving it (super soft and breathable perfect for my sweaty back in the Florida heat),

    and the fact still stands that no matter how old u get your mother seems to know you best XD

  • Johnny Sims
    3 Jan 2022

    I had my doubts about this shirt at first, but after wearing it out one night and getting lots of compliments from friends on how hilarious the outfit looked I decided to keep them.

  • Doris Cooper
    3 Jan 2022

    this shirt is my spirit animal XD

  • Gregory Dixon
    27 Dec 2021

    Finally, I can wear clothes that make me proud to be American. The clothing is made in factories where people are getting paid fairly for their work instead of being exploited by sweatshops abroad – it’s so good knowing there are companies out there who care about paying that extra dollar when they can easily skimp out (most others do) while charging us an extra premium just to scrape as much profit as possible. when I buy here I can wear my products with pride knowing that these were made with American hands

  • Diana Hall
    25 Dec 2021

    I am so glad I found this company. They have a wonderful selection of clothes for me to wear, along with other products made from US-made materials! which makes them even more special than most companies out there who use cheap Chinese suppliers because it helps keep our economy going strong as well 👍🏾
    The duty we Americans have in supporting each other is something that should never go unnoticed by any one member within these united states; It’s time all decent people take note–you don’t need fancy suitors (or anything else) when helping your fellow man succeed