Patriotic Holidays and Patriotic Clothing – Show Your Patriotism

There’s no better way to show your patriotic spirit than gearing up for national holidays. We have several patriotic holidays that we celebrate here in the U.S. These important days are meant to bring family and friends together and remind us how great our country really is. Without sounding boastful, we do live in the greatest country in the world and it’s important to remember WHY we do. These days mean so much more than just a 3 day weekend and an excuse for a cookout.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day – January 15th
  • President’s Day (Washington and Lincoln’s Birthday)- Third Monday in February
  • Memorial Day – Last Monday in May
  • Flag Day – June 14th
  • Independence Day – July 4th
  • Constitution Day – September 17th
  • Columbus Day – Second Monday of October
  • Election Day – Tuesday following the first Monday of November
  • Veterans Day – November 11th
  • Bill of Rights Day – December 15th

There are also some lesser know days that many Americans like to show their patriotism. Such as National Medal of Honor Day on March 25, Patriot Day on September 11, Pearl Harbor Day on December 7, and Armed Forces Day which is celebrated on the third Saturday in May.

What Can You Accomplish with Patriot Day Clothes?

When you decide what to wear on patriot day events like Memorial Day and Election Day, you’re making a huge statement and accomplishing the following goals.

Dress to Wear on Patriot Day Events Shows Love for Your Country

When you put on patriot day clothes or show an effort on deciding what to wear on patriot day holidays, you’re putting your pride and love for your country on display.

Although it might seem over-the-top and silly, wearing artistic expressions and huge American logos during these patriotic holidays show the larger-than-life American spirit. Pride in the country has always been a recurring theme in America, and citizens have always been encouraged to go to extremes to show it.

This encapsulates the spirit of freedom and all the things our veterans fought hard to preserve for present-day Americans. When you put on patriot day clothes, you are showing the love you have for this freedom and spirit.

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Dress to Wear On Patriot Day Events Shows Respect for Past and Present Soldiers

There’s nothing more important than what to wear on patriot day holidays than showing your respect for past and present servicemen and women. Millions of patriotic men and women have given their lives for this country in the ultimate display of sacrifice.

You put on the ultimate display of appreciation by showing off your dress to wear on patriot day occasions. It doesn’t matter if it’s Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Flag Day, or just a routine day; it’s always a good time to honor our American military veterans.

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Dress to Wear On Patriot Special Occasion Events Shows Your Willingness

It’s important that through our dress to wear on patriot special occasion events we show our willingness to participate in our countries patriotic events and holidays. This is especially important for new citizens of this country.

Many foreign countries don’t encourage or allow the type of participation in pride for one’s country. By showing new citizens and younger Americans your willingness to take part in these events, you preserve the important culture of America. Patriot day clothes help to preserve this culture by passing it on to the next generation.

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Show your Second Amendment Support with Your Dress to Wear on Patriot Day Events

Did you know your Patriot day clothes can help show your support for our second amendment? Our servicemembers and forefathers fought hard to preserve our Constitutional freedoms like the right to bear arms. When you display your dress to wear on patriot day events like pro-gun-right conventions, you’re standing in arms with your fellow Americans and taking a stand.

A patriotic gaiter is a perfect item to wear during conventions and rallies that support our 2A laws. These rallies have nothing to do with violence and have everything to do with the American spirit and right to freedom and liberty. It’s important we continue to show support with patriot day clothes and other apparel.

When each generation decides to continue to support important rights, it paves the way for future generations to be afforded the same freedoms and luxuries that our forefathers afforded us. Freedom is a privilege, and it must be fought for constantly. It’s important that we don’t lose the importance of this when deciding what to wear on patriot day events and rallies.

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Patriotic Apparel Makes Great Gifts

You can take advantage of USA outfits and other apparel by using these fashion items as gifts for a variety of occasions. Listed below are some events where you can use these wardrobe accessories as perfect gifts.

  • Birthdays are great times to express your love for a family member or friend with patriotic apparel they can use for patriot day events.
  • If you know a patriotic couple, anniversaries are perfect for gifting USA t-shirts and other fashion items.
  • Do you know a graduate going to one of our great American institutions of higher learning? Gift your new graduate with some great United States wardrobe accessories.
  • Finally, the patriotic dad in your life would love anything USA for a Father’s Day gift. Get dad a t-shirt or some pajama pants and fire up the grill for him. Here’s to you, patriotic dad.

There’s no restriction on when patriotic apparel can be gifted, allowing the receiver to participate in these patriot day events with us actively.

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Any Day Can Be a Great Day for Patriotic Apparel

The beautiful thing about the American spirit and being a patriot is these are both active 365 days a year. Truthfully, you don’t need to wait on a special holiday or event to show your American pride, fly your flag, or wear patriotic apparel.

Our service members fought for us to have our individual freedoms on a daily basis, and not just on holidays. Do you want to help increase American pride? Encourage other people to take part in patriot day events with you. If you fly a flag, encourage your neighbors to do the same. If you find a cool patriotic t-shirt, buy one for all your friends. The biggest display of support you can show is by spreading the voice of patriotism!

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